Many of our projects start from a beautiful yet simple render picturing a response to a design brief. From here we work to understand the complete design intent, what parameters are absolutely “not negotiable” and what dimensions of the project are flexible. We talk about materials as well as the more practical aspects of budget, onsite conditions, installation constraints and options, compliance, and certification requirements.

From there we develop potential design solutions that we prequalify through preliminary engineering studies and FEA analysis. Once a preferred solution has been chosen we detail a complete program from final design sign off, engineering, documentation, manufacture, delivery, installation, certification and warranty.

We provide the complete solution all the way through to practical completion.

"No one in the country can do what ShapeShift is doing on the scale in which they’re doing it. I like them because they’re fearless."

3D Modelling

Our design studio has a team of highly experienced 3D modellers and 2D draftsmen/documenters. This team are not only responsible for bringing design intent to a 3D reality but they also program the 3D digital subtractive and additive manufacturing machines we utilise around the world.

Understanding that not all trades work in 3D we have a large team dedicated in turning 3D into 2D drawings and consolidating 2D designs into the master 3D model.

"Their ability to work with us using three-dimensional models was seamless."

Engineering & Certification

We offer not only traditional civil engineering services but expertise in the latest materials, including advanced fibre-reinforced substrates. Our team members are highly credentialed experts. Their combination of skill sets bring to our projects extensive experience from a range of industries. Our solutions often combine more traditional materials alongside the best global innovations. Importantly, we only specify products that have been independently tested to rigorous Australian BCA Standards. In addition, our engineers have the experience and qualifications 

to provide full structural certifications to 1507 standard on all aspects of our solutions.

"Halo’s deceptively simple form belies the complexity of its multi-disciplinary enginerring. ShapeShift were a critical partner in helping us achieve success."


We have gained extensive manufacturing experience over the last 13 years through our digital manufacturing business “mouldCAM”. From its origin in Australia, we now have manufacturing centres in Indonesia, USA, UK and Holland. Complementing these facilities are a group of trusted manufacturing partners worldwide that represent best practice in their particular area of expertise.

"My absolute priority was to achieve a thin and elegant form. ShapeShift were able to engineer a solution that maintains the artistic integrity of Spanda by delivering extraordinary rigidity to the spans - even 29 metres off the ground."

Project Management

Importantly, the team at ShapeShift are able to project manage the entire process from design and manufacturing through to transportation and installation. Our experience working collaboratively with construction companies and our understanding of the need for precision in delivery times and deadlines mean we have become a trusted partner to some of Australia’s largest builders. With proven skills across a range of high value and complex projects, our Project Managers work with customers worldwide to deliver on time and within budget.

"A great advantage for me is that they offer a well-integrated production. It’s a one-stop shop from design, engineering, machining and cutting, to painting."